Balcony Wall Ideas

Today we are going to discuss the ten ideas to decorate the balcony wall (Balcony vertical gardens) . Transform your balcony into a beautiful balcony garden.

Having a balcony is a dream of most of the people living in the urban areas- even if you get a very small space. Cities doesn’t have the luxury of having open spaces where everything is green and children playing in those open fields. Sure, every society have small spaces where you can have walks or children can play on the swings but do you see greenery everywhere…I doubt. But If you’re lucky and you have a balcony in your apartment you owe it yourselves and everyone you comes to your house that you make the most of the space you got…not just placing a chair and table to just fill the empty space.

No matter how small is your balcony is there are plenty of ways you can decorate your balcony and make that your corner your favourite part of the house. There are so many ways to decorate this small balcony garden . So, let’s get together and start looking for the option to decorate this small space.

Paint the wall:

The most simple way of decorating anything is by colouring, you can paint the wall of the balcony with bright colours and place the plants that are in contrast like if you have bright pink wall you can use flowers with yellow, blue, purple flowers and of course the greenery that is complimentary with the plants. In this way you don’t have to much effort in decorating- all you have to do is use a colour and pick the plants in the contrast and furniture of course! Here are some ideas of colours and complementary plants you can use.

  • If you paint your wall with bright pink: Use a lot of succulents and cacti to give a green shade to the space. Add furniture of neutral colour like brown decorate it with covers of shades of blue and pillow covers with same colour. The more cushions or pillows you will place in the space the more comfortable it will get. Now coming to plants, you can use flowering plants like Blue Hydrangea, Delphinium, Dandelion, Allamanda or wild hyacinths.
  • If you use bright yellow wall: Use a lot of green plants like snake plant, money plant, aloe vera, Dumb Cane etc. Add some creepers to give it a more professional designed balcony…. you can use Jasmine, English Ivy, Bougainville vines (these vines can give your balcony Romeo-Juliet vibe. The flowering plants that you can use are Petunias, Red Lilies, Dahlia etc.
Balcony wall

Use wall planters:

Whatever else you do or do not put in your balcony; an absolute MUST is the plants. But they don’t necessarily have to go on the floor. Especially if you have a small balcony with little floor space, use your walls to fill it up with greens.

You could use simple rings or brackets to fix regular plant pots on the wall. You can use variety of plants like low maintaining like dumb cane, snake plant, aloe vera or some creepers like English Ivy, Money Plant, Impatient etc. The more greenery you’ll have around yourself the more likely you are calm.

You can also use some interesting planters so that the wall becomes more about planters than the plant. Use some terrariums or use bigger plants that creates foliage on your wall.

Use Wall Shelves:

Planters can be a little restrictive, in the sense that you can only have plants in them. If you want more flexibility, use simple shelves along the walls. You could still use them only for plants and move your plants around easily. The wooden shelves create a more rustic look but you can always choose to paint or use one of those metal stands. Keep a lot of variety of plants on the shelves…don’t limit yourselves to one kind of flowers. Use colourful pots on the shelves to bring out the pop on the wall. Throw some fairy lights around the wall or use some candles and this way the balcony will look dreamy and filmy and you can enjoy it at night also.


Trellis is another great way to get your plants on to your balcony walls. Something like money plant will easily use the support of a trellis to climb up and spread all over the wall. But I feel having a floral wall will be much more beautiful……you can get those Romeo-Juliet vibes in your balcony. Use vines or creepers like English Ivy, Money Plant, Creeping roses, Bougainville vines or Impatient. You can hang some hanging planters, lanterns and fairy lights along with the trellis. You can also use wooden trellis they are much stronger and can hold pots and this way you can have a vertical garden…. containers adjusted vertically along with the wooden trellis. A few ready trellises are now available online, you can choose amongst the variety according to your taste.

Artificial grass cladding:

you can give your wall a vibrant green vibe by covering it with artificial grass , cover the entire wall with the artificial grass or just add a bit to give a green pop to the balcony. You can use it on the floors too, as to have the feeling that you are actually sitting in a garden where everything is green. The variety of artificial grass is also available online you can choose amongst the variety.

Balcony Wall

Railing Planters:

Generally, apartments do not have very large balconies and there are chances that you don’t exactly have a wall to decorate but one thing every balcony have is railing. The railings receive much of the lights and hence is the best place to place some plants over the railing. Now you can always hang simple clay pots but carefully as if they fall, they may hurt someone. There are different range of railing planter baskets available online but I believe you should go for something floral. As the balcony will have that Hollywood vibe and whosoever will look at it will just give you praises. Cover the railing with some floral creepers, you can always control the direction of growth and some plants have the quality of repelling the insects and this way you have a win win situation.

Balcony Garden wall

Wall Lighting:

You can give the balcony a more romantic vibe by adding some soft accent lighting for your balcony. The play of light and shadow always adds a bit of drama to any space. You can also hang lanterns of different colours to give a more romantic vibe to the balcony. You can add garden lights also to get a more outdoor feeling. A proper kind of lighting and some beautiful plants can make your space much better than any open-space restaurant; you can have your personal and cosy date nights here only.


Use a hammock:

My grandparent’s house had a swing and that was my favourite place in the whole world, in fact all the adults also used to spend a lot of time on that spot. A big tree and a swing- that actually is a dream. Sure, you cannot hang a swing in your balcony but you can always hang a hammock to add that comfortable and vacation vibe to the balcony. You can always lay there and read some book and enjoy.

Hang an artwork:

A good piece of artwork can create a cheerful hue and can be statement of the balcony. Add some artistic things in your balcony like paintings, pendulums, bells, colour strips, lights. Hang something antique to give a more attractive look.

Build a vertical garden:

Having a chic vertical garden in the balcony is a better idea. It can be colourful or green or a mix and rock of both. You can use vertical symbols and objects designs on the wall. Add some furniture in contrast and add some books and magazines to read.

Balcony wall

So, don’t let any rules stop you. Have fun decorating your balcony and enjoy your own little green heaven. For more details Enquire now. We Provide services for balcony garden in Bangalore , kochi and Hyderabad.

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