5 Plants That Grow In The Dark-

Who doesn’t love plants everywhere around them?

Almost everyone, right.

After all “The plants have enough spirit to transform our limited vision even in darkness.

 But this hectic schedule of everyone makes it quite problematic to take care of the plants due to which these plants die. Therefore after a lot of research and observation of plants we’ve sorted your problem. We’ve listed down plants which can even survive in the dark and require no effort to maintain. “We know that plants require tons of natural lights to prepare their food but we have explored the best plants which can even live in no light and utmost darkness.” Here goes the list-

Lucky Bamboo Plant-

Why is it first on the list?

Because of its pretty low maintenance and easy availability. We’re quite sure you people must’ve seen this plant everywhere around the public spaces and offices. The reason behind is even in low or artificial lighting these plants remain green and purify the air also. So this plant is a high recommendation to grow. You need to change its water once a week and for better growth you can place it in moist soil.

Snake Plant-

Next on the list is the snake plant. No need to fear this plant doesn’t attract any snakes! Jokes apart this a very good low-maintenance choice to grow indoors in dark lights. Usually maximum plants release Carbon DiOxide at night, this plant continues to give oxygen even at night. So a great air purifier as well as an easy to grow plant just don’t overwater them as they easily rot.

ZZ Plant-

ZZ Plant is the hero of all the household plants with wide attractive dark green leaves and is preferred by offices as well as households. Its smooth waxy leaves brighten the room and add charm everywhere. This plant doesn’t need any special type of potting soil and is very resistant to insects and fertilizers.

Peace Lily-

Peace lilies are the plants which are known to thrive in rooms with no windows at all. These little white beautiful flowers can blossom anywhere from your lobby to your bedroom. For its maintenance, just save a little of your leftover coffee grounds and sprinkle them onto the soil, then water your plant as normal. The best part about this plant is these are evergreen and tropical.

Pothos(Epipremnum Aureum)-

These plants with long trails behind are mostly known as Money Plant or Devil’s Vine. But don’t worry these are too cute to be a devil and are easy to maintain. You can even hang them in baskets and are perfect for low lights. These are adaptive and its colorful neon, yellowish-green leaves add sa positive vibe to the ambience.

So this was all about the best indoor plants which can grow in the dark though some points you should keep in mind-

  • Watering as per required.
  • Changing soil or water once in a while.
  • Use of adequate fertilizer to boost the growth.

And lastly plants are like babies which need little pampering to nurture and blossom. These can observe the positivity in the atmosphere and increase it multiple times. We make sure that these beauties would not disappoint your expectations and help you add oomph factor to your vicinity.

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