Indoor plants – 7 Mistakes that people make

Green is the new happy and we all wants to be happy that’s why we try to bring greenery in our house in form of indoor plants , Home gardens. Plants not only makes our house look great but it helps in creating a healthy environment inside the house too, keeps the air clean and the person happy!

Plants are very delicate and sometimes in our over-enthusiasm we end up killing them. I know It’s the most disheartening thing ever! But it is our mistake. So today we will talk about how to take care of your plants without being over bearing. Here are the common seven mistakes we all do with our indoor plants.

Buying with no knowledge: Attempting to grow a plant without the basic knowledge of the plant is like baking a cake without the recipe. Know your plant- like amount of water required, size of the plant, suitable container etc. Follow the instructions and there’s hope for the amateurs.

Putting them in a corner and hoping for the best: Knowing the plant is not enough, you need to know about your house also. As one’s house has all sort of combinations some places are too exposed to sunlight while others too shady, some might be damp while others with no moisture. You need to find a suitable spot for the plant and see it flourish and beautify your home!

Watering them every day: the first step of gardening is to know your plant. You should know that every plant has different needs. The most common mistake one commits is with watering- either underwatering or overwatering, both ways the plant will die. Also, the need of water varies according to seasons in summers a person needs to hydrated and in winters a person drinks comparatively less water same is the case with plants- water them as required. The indoor plants or house plants needs to be moist not wet but special plants like cacti, orchids need completely different conditions. Always know your plant!

Placing them in direct sunlight: Houseplants should be kept out of direct sunlight. If the indoor plants are dull even with proper care, try rotating them every few days to avoid damage. Too little light will also stunt growth and damage plant health, so choose the location of the plant very carefully.

You’re using fertilizers: Houseplants do not need fertilizers to grow, they rather increase the quantity of certain nutrients in the soil and the imbalance of nutrients can affect the health of the plant. If you really want to use something to give a boost to the plants use a DIY compost. Use the organic waste of your house for the compost. All plants- indoor and outdoor loves compost.

You’re not repotting your plants: Living in quarantine is boring and awful, one always needs a change of environment. Same is the case with plants, they also need change of environment and pots. Repotting doesn’t mean using bigger pot, it simply means changing your pot’s mix to provide it with new nutrients from fresh mix.

You’re letting your plants to get all dirty: If you wipe your plants leaf with your finger and you see dust, you’re hurting your plant without even realizing. Too much dust can clog the pores of the plant, making it harder for the plant to breathe. Always keeps an eye on dust and don’t let it build up. Clean the plant with soft brush or damp cloth.

Avoid these mistakes and you have happy and healthy plants!

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