About Treemendous.in

Treemendous.in is the world's first omni-channel company focused on live plants and garden accessories. Our sole aim is to bring people closer to nature, by bringing the benefits of different kinds of plants closer to the individuals.

Our Mission

We intend to be the one-step Greening solutions for institutions and individuals. Our team comprises of experts, researchers and professionals to develop well-researched and practical solutions suited to our country. We leverage all the researches done across world and combine it with careful product & process implementation to ensure maximum benefits. We also want to bring professionalism, great customer service and standardization of services. Apart from this, we are focused on bringing back rare/exotic/extinct plants back to the common masses..

Our Value

  • Co-create a world where each of our communities, our planet, and all of us can flourish
  • Act in an environment-friendly way
  • Build a positive Team by focusing on Honesty, Excellence, Accountability, Respect, & Teamwork.
  • Creating “WOW” in everything we do.
  • Question orthodoxy in everything we do


Devang Dhandhania

(Founder & Director)

An IIT Roorkee Alumnus and the man behind most of the Innovative products of Treemendous.in. Headed Business Strategy & Angel Investment for 6.5 years for Minerals Enterprises Ltd (MEL) - A 50+ year old respected minerals mining company with highly profitable operations, impressive growth and socially responsible image. Has conceptualized and spearheaded many innovative projects resulting in sustainable & profitable growth for MEL. Credited with turning around the company culture and working while implementing cutting edge best practices from all modern industries.

Devpriya Dhandhania

(Director(Private Gardens) )

Built a break-even Food Start-Up, Meal Diaries, in 2 years Built from scratch Landscaping Vertical for Treemendous.in and executed > 50 Projects within 6 Months Helped put all the processes in place to get ISO Certification for her family’s export business in Kolkata.

Gideon Athaide

(Research & Innovation)

An avid gardener from childhood, Gideon's interest in plants led him to turn his passion into his profession. At Treemendous, he is involved in Plant Propagation & other key aspect of new researches. He completed a Master's degree in Botany from St. Joseph's College in Bangalore and has been with Treemendous since then. When not filling all available balcony space with plants, Gideon can be found on Pinterest, researching ideas for indoor and landscape gardening, or maintaining his collection of terrariums.

Sophia Elsie Pereira


A high-spirited green panther with a mania for plants. Sophia is an enthusiastic employee of Treemendous. Sophia is involved in the plants selection, care as well as design aspect of Plantscaping. She holds a Master's degree in Botany from St. Joseph's College, Bangalore and has ecured 'Selfless Service Award' during her graduation. She has also authored a book on 'Flora of National Institute of Oceanography' & participated in various national conferences, presented research papers.