Artificial Grass Maintenance During Rainy Season

Artificial grass maintenance

Today we are going to talk about Artificial Grass Maintenance During Rainy Season.

We all love to spend time in the rain. The black stormy clouds dancing all over the sky, thunder, heavy rainfall and a cup of tea makes us go gaga over it. But have you wondered the after consequences of rain on our artificial turf?

  • The grass blades turn down.
  • Drainage may get clogged.
  • Water might get inside the infill.
  • Muddy Patches.

So these are the common problems that can occur after it rains heavily. But these can be avoided too if you take care of your turf properly during the rainy season. Here we are going to talk about Artificial Grass Maintenance During Rainy Season.

Artificial Grass Maintenance During Rainy Season

  • Check The Drainage-

The first thing on which you’ll have to keep a check is the drainage system. Improper water disposal may clog the infill and can damage your artificial turf. Ensure that water passes thoroughly and there is no chance of collection of waste.

  • Keep Removing Mud And Soggy Things-

Keep a check all over the artificial turf so that there is no any kind of wastage or mud clogged in any corner or in between the blades of the turf. This will avoid any kind of clogging inside the artificial turf and ensure proper removal of wastage.

  • Let The Rainwater Do The Washing-

Say thanks to rainfall which is doing all your work of watering your artificial turf. It would do all the cleaning and washing thoroughly. You’ll have to keep one thing in mind that you dry it properly afterwards either naturally or using dryers.

  • Brush It Afterwards-

Heavy rain can pull down the blades of the grass which may make it look unattractive. For that brush your turf after it dries completely using a soft brush that you use for cleaning.

  • Incase of Snow Or Ice-

In areas of heavy snowfall, ice can accumulate on the artificial turf. You don’t have to worry about that. You can do two things for the snow either wait until it melts on its own and dries or you can brush it off using a cleaning brush.

Thus if you follow these tips you would never get disappointed by rain and your turf will remain young and fresh always. These were some tips on Artificial grass maintenance for looking great even in rain. So enjoy your lush and luxury green grass in all sorts of season even in heavy rainfall. If you are planning to install Artificial grass in your private garden contact us now. We are leading artificial grass suppliers in bangalore, Kochi and Hyderabad.

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  1. Is there any liner that can bring a gap between the grass n floor so that the water drains out on its own

    1. Hi!!!

      We should use drain cells below the grass in case you want the water to drain out.

      The drain cells are exactly what you are looking for to solve this issue

      Team Treemendous

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