Balcony Garden in hyderabad

Love Plants but think a Garden is too hard-to-maintain? We have a best way out for your space. Style your Balcony with customized and preset Balcony Garden Designs. Get suggestions from our Plant Expert’s on the Maintenance. Play up with Plants and Planter’s of your choice. Explore with more Innovative Concept’s like Vertical Gardens, Wooden Trellis, and Artificial Grass. Our Balcony Garden Services is very highly rated across platforms as Houzz, Google, Justdial etc. Our Balcony Garden Services in Hyderabad start from Rs.15,000/- onwards. We however do deliver individual products on request which cost less. What are you waiting for? Get your Balcony Garden Setup in Hyderabad Today.

We are No.1 rated Balcony Garden Provider in Bangalore. Now we are proud to launch our Balcony Garden Services in Hyderabad and green more Balconies.


  • Helps to connect with nature in minimal space
  • Acts as a recreational or personal space
  • Plant greenery induces freshness in the atmosphere
  • Increases the Oxygen levels, thereby, filtering the pollutants in the air


Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Excellent Service”

Their service is brilliant! I really hope some of them are now using your service. Would definitely recommend Treemendous to all my friends and family members..


Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Great Team work”

Choosing Treemendous for our Balcony Garden was the best decision we made. They made the entire process of choosing the design,  plants, colours, etc. very simple.


Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

“Worth the price”

As for the price – it’s  value for money! Thank you so much Devpriya and team Treemendous for  giving us a happy, sunny, one-of-a-kind balcony!

Usha Vinod


With our step by step process , understand how you can also get an easy, hassle free, low cost customised greenery solution for your home.


1. How frequently do I need to water the plants?

Based on the sun intensity, it can be either everyday, alternative days or twice in a week. Highly recommended is to feel the soil moisture before watering and ensure that the extra water drains down from the pot holes.

2. How to maintain the plants post balcony garden setup?

Our Execution team will explain you on the maintenance of each plant.

3. How frequently should I manure and carry out pest-control? And will it be provided by Treemendous?

Manuring can be done between 15-45 days  based on the plant varieties. Pesticides/insecticide is generally recommend every month once. As a precaution and to keep your plants look every green, start spraying neem product mixed with water that will keep insects away from plant.

Secondly, Tremendous won’t be supplying the products but can guide you with the list of suitable products.

4. Can we get guidance on plant varieties?

Do not worry. Once you confirm to proceed with us, we will help you choose the plant varieties based on your location and preferences.

5. What are the benefits of having a Balcony Garden?

Balcony Gardens add an aesthetic look and more than that the plants induce freshness, increase Oxygen level thereby filtering the pollutants in the air.