Balcony Gardens – The Perfect Stress buster

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Balcony gardens are perfect stress buster for people mainly who is living in urban cities. Do you remember taking those joyful evening walks with your family? The sight of a flower blooming, paths that led to beautiful destinations, and spending time with your loved ones. 

Such priceless memories! 

Coming back to the present, where you’re constantly chasing deadlines, paying bills and working hard throughout the day. Don’t you crave a space of your own? A place where you can relive your happy childhood memories? Your happy place? 

A balcony garden! 

Yes, setting up a garden in your balcony is possible! It’s the best way to relieve stress. Whether you have a compact patio to decorate or a vast amount of space to tend, the act of creating a particular stretch of nature in the comfort of your own home can bring peace. 

Having your own green space and sitting amongst fragrant plants can boost your mood! 

Sipping a cup of your favourite beverage and sitting in your balcony filled with plants will ease your mind and calm your nerves. Plants are therapeutic and are scientifically proven to alleviate anxiety and stress. 

There are several benefits to gardening that can minimise stress. Here are a few reasons why gardening in your balcony benefits your mental health. 


Gardening exposes you to fresh air and sunshine. Sunlight serves as a mood booster and helps in relaxation. Exposure to sunlight is known to increase the brain’s release of a hormone called serotonin. 

Serotonin makes a person a lot happier and contributes to a peaceful mind. Without enough sun exposure, your serotonin levels can dip, and it increases the risk of depression. Apart from that, it also contributes to physical health, it builds stronger bones because of the presence of Vitamin D. Moderate amounts of sunlight also helps in cancer prevention and other skin conditions such as like psoriasis, eczema, jaundice, acne etc.


Meditation plays an integral role in the betterment of our mental health. In trying times like this, where the entire world is going through a pandemic, there is an increase in anxiety and stress, which can eventually lead to multiple metal health issues. 

Gardening is a form of meditation and is proven to ease stress. It is a break from your mundane and anxiety-ridden life. Repotting your plants and watering them, along with just talking to your plants or planting a new sapling, it will give you a break from your busy schedule. 


Gardening involves physical work which keeps you physically healthy, but it also includes mental and emotional betterment. Growing trees or plants and seeing them grow up is just like looking at a child grow up. When the plant is all grown, you feel a sense of pride and joy, because you helped the plant grow!

Gardening helps change your perspective of life. It motivates you to fulfil your dreams and focus on yourself. It teaches you to grow through all the weeds in life and emerge out blossoming like a flower.

Balcony Gardens


Sitting in your balcony garden will make you feel more in touch with the outdoors. Considering the fact that we’re all cooped up inside our house due to quarantine, a balcony garden helps you feel like you’re outside within nature, without actually going out and risking yourself.  

With the amount of time we spend indoors working or using electronic devices, you’ll automatically feel the urge to connect with nature. While you may not have the time to go camping or take a nature’s hike each day, having your personal piece of nature can help you feel like you’re outdoors.  

Balcony Gardens


The beauty of nature is a great stress buster in itself. Having your own bit of beauty available as a place for mediation, contemplation, and relaxation can provide quite a bit of relief from your daily life. The beautiful flowers and the green leaves can be your own personal space of beauty. You can create your private personalised balcony. Whether you want to go all out or keep it minimal and simple, it is up to you to create a space you’re comfortable relaxing in! 

Balcony Garden plants

Balcony gardens can bring nature to your home and improves your health and reduces the stress. For other details and Balcony Ideas pleases go through our balcony garden posts. Install beautiful balcony gardens in your home now.. We are providing services for balcony garden in Bangalore, Kochi and Hyderabad. We provide best Designs for Balcony Gardens . We also providing services for vertical Garden, Terrace Garden and landscaping.

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