Balcony Hanging Planters - Set of 4 - Red,Yellow,Blue,White

Balcony Hanging Planters - Set of 4 - Red,Yellow,Blue,White


An eye-catchy large rectangular metal planter for the display of flowering and non-flowering plants at your home.
The fully grown plants are not included with this Planter.
Pack contains set of 4 Balcony metal planters.
Note: Fully grown plants are not included in the packet.

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  • Dimension: Length - 17", Width - 8", Height - 7"
  • Color: Red, Yellow, Blue, White
  • Material: Metal
  • Care/Safety Instructions: Avoid accumulation of water inside the planter

A brightly coloured charming planter highly accredited in home, gardens, restuarants, etc for enhancing the beauty of the interiors. It has a Powder coating that provides excellent durability and toughness while maintaining its gloss level. It has great corrosion and weather resistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is perfect for indoor and outdoor use provided it doesn't get scorching sun.

No, we suggest using a Secondary Planter like Plastic Pots inside it.

No, there are no holes in the bottom.

Yes, it is durable and it will extend based on how it has been maintained.


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