Bring nature indoors


There has been a significant boom in the buying and selling of indoor plants all over the world. According to US houseplants participation 2010-2018, an estimated 34.4 million U.S households participated in indoor houseplant gardening in 2018. This clearly shows the changing perception of the population who no more believe in witnessing greenery only in the jungles.

Here are some tips to turn your apartment or balcony into a more plant loving space:

  1. Make your decision- there are a lot of factors that can influence your decision of having an urban jungle and what kind of plants would suit your home or balcony . These factors are:
  2. Your commitment towards creating a plant loving home.
  3. The amount of time you would spend at your house looking after the plants.
  4. If you have other responsibilities like looking after a pet or children.
  5. The kind of home you live in- level of humidity and light exposure existing.

It’s important to realize that plants like ferns are more suitable for high humidity conditions whereas plants like cacti are not. It’s also advisable to not invest in poisonous plants that can be toxic to your furry friends and children.

  • A beginner’s guide– it’s not natural for plants to grow in a home-bound environment because of which it’s preferable for beginners to start with:
  • Hardy species like succulents and cacti which live on neglect and like drier soils. Planting these would be easier, it would help in gaining confidence and it can also save time and money.
  • Crawling and climbing plants like the string of pearls (Senecio Rowleyanus), Creeping fig (ficus pumila), Ivy are some of the most easy growing vines and climbers. They can immediately create a dramatic effect and make the wall look pretty.
  • Choose your weapons– once you’ve chosen the kind of plants you want in your urban jungle; the next step is to choose your weapons a.k.a essential tools and accessories for gardening:
  • Potting soil– a well drained rich in sand and a moister one for tropical plants. Organic soil is considered to be a plant’s best friend.
  • Fertilizers, trays and saucers for drainage and to easily water from below.
  • Pots- self watering pots for the thirsty indoor plants.
  • Gardening gloves, mister spray and different colours of stones and gravels for beautifying your jungle.
  • Home decor
  • Use different combinations of plants. Remember that a real jungle consists of different species of plants so don’t be afraid while indulging in variety.
  • Give it a personal touch. You can mix up terracotta and copper to make your own pots or you can place any person item like a candle in the garden to feel closer to it.
  • Use different areas of your house. You could turn your library greener by filling it up with all kinds of urban jungle plants or you could decorate your bathroom walls with some tropical plants which would love the humidity existing in your bathroom.
  • Care tips– it’s important for a home gardener to know the backstory of their plants so they can cater to it in an appropriate way. Watering is a key factor in gardening; however over watering can kill your plants much faster than under watering. In addition to this, beginners should make themselves aware about plant care as early as possible.

Amanda Mitchell, founder of Jungle Design hence sums up the whole process of gardening by saying “if you know the basics of how a plant grows in its natural environment, you can recreate that- without going crazy, of course.”

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