Find your new sleeping partner

People are often encouraged to keep adding plants to their home nurseries, terrace gardens and balcony gardens as plants come bearing multiple benefits. However, a myth pertains that welcoming these plants inside the house might not be a great idea as these plants exhale carbon dioxide at night which can harm human beings.

Even though this information stands correct, it is incomplete and misunderstood.

Yes, it is true that excessive carbon dioxide is unhealthy but plants respire like humans, during the day they convert carbon dioxide to oxygen and at nights they emit carbon dioxide. However, studies confirm that a plant exhales much less carbon dioxide than a human or even a pet. In simple words, sleeping next to a plant is healthier than sleeping next to a human. Thus, you must never be afraid of introducing more Indoor plants in your house because no air filtration system can purify the air like plants and most definitely produce oxygen like them. Indoor plants work great as home décor and bring both life and light to the room. It adds color to your room and green walls look aesthetically pleasing in all your prompt selfies. Using the services you can also redecorate your nurseries, balconies and terrace gardens with customized Indoor plants and plant pots.

Indoor plants have a number of specialties. They effortlessly increase your concentration, productivity, and creativity. It helps you to channelize your energy in the right way. Some of the familiar and low maintenance indoor plant names are as the following-

Snake Plants – This plant purifies the air and removes pollutants. It cleans the air in the room by absorbing toxins. It is also amongst the very rare plants that remove carbon dioxide at night and produce oxygen.

Aloe Vera- Best for moisturizing and prepping skin, this plant also acts as a remedy for cuts, bruises, and other skin problems. It’s the best choice as an indoor plant as the Aloe Vera plant is resistant to most insects.

Peace Lily– Another good example of a plant for your household can be Peace Lily, as the fragrance of the flower not only boosts the mood. This indoor plant with flowers helps you concentrate but it also helps you relax and ensures sound sleep.

Lucky Bamboo Plant– This is one amongst the most common plants in many Indian households. This Indoor plant brings positivity, happiness, and prosperity in your life. helps you in channelizing your energy and thus, increases your productivity.

Ferns– Ferns hold an ornamental value. They are famous for their air-purifying qualities and remove harmful pollutants from the air inside your house.

Overall, Indoor plants can add life to your houses. It can reduce stress and boost your energy. So, don’t keep your ideas limited to the terraced gardens and balcony gardens rather open up the doors of houses and increase your indoor plants now!

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