Front Garden Ideas

FIRST IMPRESSION IS THE LAST IMPRESSION . No matter where you go in your life, you’ll always want to come back to the place you call home. Often it’s believed that people have more to do with making a home rather than the four walls of it. However, there’s something so nostalgic about those old cracks in the walls that make you come back to it. Figuring out a home design is the most exciting yet the most nerve-wrecking thing that you’ll ever have to go through. On top of it, sites like Instagram or Pinterest have been influencing the homeowners to get the latest garden designs , Balcony garden designs . Creating an attractive front yard might be a costly and time-taking process but it’s worth it. A well-designed landscape is successful in highlighting the architectural features of the house; it adds to the overall beauty of it and even increases the home’s value by improving the appeal of the curb.

An eye candy for both the members of the family and the passers-by is a beautiful front garden. Although designing a front garden can be a little tricky as it requires careful allotment of space for varying things like car parks. Nevertheless, to avoid such problems and get you your perfect-looking garden, here are a few design ideas that you can opt for:

  • A classical design is a rectangular lawn edged with a flower border. The main focus of this design is to soften the harsh demarcation between the drive and the beautiful section and to use hedge for seasonal bedding. It’s advisable to use plants that can thrive all year around and arrange them in an informal way. Enlarged flower beds can be used along with gravels or pavers to accentuate the driveway informally.
  • Another way of designing includes removing of the tall trees so the over empowering element of the drive can be set aside.  Tall hedges obstruct natural light from reaching other plants and hence should be avoided. Instead it’s better to pave the driveway with bricks, adding a little planting strip in between. Similarly instead of opting for a rose bed in a rectangular garden, it’s better to go for climbing roses. You can also replace seasonal bedding plants with herbs and the central area of the garden can be filled with gravels or colourful containers.
  • If you have a flat garden with a small flower bed, a cherry tree on the side and a concrete driveway then a simple modification of your garden into a cottage-style garden can create wonders.  The first step is to replace your unclothed wooden fences with wall which makes the garden look less drab. You can eliminate the lawn and the cherry tree altogether so dwarf shrubs, bulbs or hardy annuals can be used in place of that. In addition to this, for an easy access to the garden, stepping stones can also be incorporated.
  • The purpose of designing a garden is to make sure that the lines have been simplified, appropriate plants have been used and that the shape and space have been retained. To achieve this, one can opt for dwarf and medium sized conifers that would give height, cover and colour to the garden. Stepping stones can give off a mysterious vibe to the visitors and can look amazing with an added water feature. Moreover, the rock garden can be paved so that the cultivated area is not harshly separated by the drive.

These are some universal front garden ideas that can inspire you to be much more creative when it comes to gardening or home design. A front yard truly gets benefitted by utilizing a mixture of evergreens and colourful seasonal flowers as then the homeowner can have the pleasure of receiving year-round greenery and the freedom to add or remove the flowering plants as the season changes. One should always be mindful of the environment they’re designing the garden in and the level of commitment they can provide for it. Hence, some of the easiest front garden features that anybody can go for are:

  • Water feature- you might think your front yard is way too small for a water feature but a little creativity never kills anyone. Designing a mini glazed pot with a small pump inside it that keeps the water circulating is more than enough for this feature. This is a great alternative for a small fountain; it can use up the underutilized space and can help those plants which struggle to grow.
  • Climbing Wall- if you want to hide an ugly wall, a fence or a mailbox then establishing several trellises for clematis should be your go-to. The best part about growing clematis is that it comes in the variety of 300 species and can be kept in cool, moist soil for their best display.
  • Vintage bicycle planter- a shabby chic display of your front garden can best be done by using a vintage bicycle. You can turn the front and rear basket of the bicycle into hanging baskets carrying fancy plants. For more decoration, you can add varying rustic elements and antiqued signs.
  • Wagon Wheel- if you’ve always wanted to add a western touch to your front garden then lean a single wagon wheel against a tree or the side of your house so that it can make an excellent trellis for varying climbing vines. It doesn’t necessarily have to be ornamental; its simplicity is its best part.

Gardening 101 teaches us to be more conscious when it comes to selecting plants for our garden. For instance by planting hardy evergreens in your front garden, you can create a framework for more climate-appropriate plants, annuals, bulbs and perennials that can bring a sense of colour, liveliness and texture to your garden. Often people come up with problems like having a small front yard, living in a rented house, being an inexperienced gardener and much more. Hence, it becomes important to pour all your energy towards finding a solution rather than cribbing about the problems. Even the smallest of the small front yard if designed properly can impress your visitors and make you smile when you come back home. Gardening is thus not any past time, rather an art that teaches you to sculpt your landscape with living things.

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