Home garden bangalore


Home Garden adds asethetic value to a Home Decor but urbanisation has killed the dream of having Home Garden Ideas. Gardening with Exotic Plants boon fresh air, increases Oxygen level, filters air pollutants from the ambience. Modernise your Interior design with simple Home Garden Plants. Bring life to Un-spirited area with fresh plants and vibrant & lively planters. All you need to start is a small access to a free space for execution of your Home Garden Design.


Vertical garden

Vertical Garden

Balcony Garden

Balcony Garden

 landscape garden

Landscape Garden

terrace garden

Terrace Garden


1. How frequently do I need to water the plants?

Based on the sun intensity, it can be either everyday, alternative days or twice in a week. Highly recommended is to feel the soil moisture before watering and ensure that the extra water drains down from the pot holes.

2. How to maintain the plants post-installation?

Our Execution team will explain you on the maintenance of each plant.

3. How frequently should I manure and carry out pest-control? And will it be provided by Treemendous?

Manuring can be done between 15-45 days  based on the plant varieties and pesticides/insecticide is generally recommend every month onces or twice. As a precaution and to keep your plants look every green, start spraying neem product mixed with water that will keep insects away from plant.

Secondly, Tremendous won’t be supplying the products but can guide you with the list of suitable products.

4. Can we get guidance on plant varieties?

Do not worry. Once you confirm to proceed with us, we can personally choose the plant varieties based on your location and preferences. Note – Our horticulturist will be assisting you while choosing the plants.

5. What are the benefits of having a Home Garden?

Having Home Garden is not only about beauty and looks. The plants induces freshness, increases Oxygen level thereby filtering the pollutants in the air.