How Much Maintenance Does Artificial Turf Need-

Artificial grass Maintaince

Maintaining your artificial turf isn’t as easy as you think it is. There are several blogs and information available on the internet regarding the benefits of installing artificial turf in your home or lawn. 

First of all there are many backstories behind installation of artificial turf that these require low or no maintenance. But hold on, that’s not the real fact. We are going to bust all your myths today. Here are a few things you must know about maintenance of your artificial turf.

  • Use a Vaccum Cleaner-

Simply cleaning your artificial turf  with a vaccum cleaner and removing dust and dirt would keep it neat and clean. Also there are ample brushes and tools available in the market to clean your artificial turf. It is a very easy practice that doesn’t require any professional help.

  • Wash It Once A While-

Washing your artificial turf once in a while would keep your turf refreshing and attractive. It would help in washing all the dirt and debris which gets accumulated here and there.

  • Spraying Water Can Ease Your Work-

Or we could make it even more easy for you. Spraying Water regularly can clean the grass blades and make it look fresh in every season. This is a very basic maintenance your artificial turf needs.

  • Keep Your Lawn Garbage Free-

Make sure you pick all the debris and garbage from your lawn. By doing this you’ll clean all the waste material which can lead to clogging and poor drainage. Thus you can maintain your artificial turf  by making it garbage free.

  • Seasonal Maintenance-

Artificial turf requires different types of maintenance during different seasons. So make sure that you keep a check on the weather and maintain your turf accordingly. Like in summers spraying Water and washing it would be sufficient, similarly in winters cleaning the snow with a brush would suffice it. Rains do all your work on their own so you don’t have to worry about that.

This is the only maintenance that your artificial turf would require and if you do it properly and with consistency your artificial turf will always look fresh, amazing and well maintained. Ignoring maintenance could decrease your turf’s shelf life, make it look unattractive or do even worse. So why take such a risk when you can have a beautiful lawn with some maintenance and after care of your artificial turf.

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