How To Trim Plants And Shrubs

Today we are discussing about How To Trim Plants And Shrubs . Have you ever wondered why girls regularly trim their hair even though they have long beautiful hair?

The answer is that trimming makes them even stronger and healthier from tip to the end. Same goes with a plant or a shrub too. So in this article we will get to know everything related to trimming or pruning a plant. So we have 5 major questions here.


  • Removing the damaged or diseased branches.
  • Pruning improves airflow.
  • Enhances better branch distribution.
  • Makes a plant disease tolerant.
  • Helps the plant or shrub to breathe freely.
  • Gives the plant a definite shape which makes it beautiful.
  • Increases bearing of fruits or flowers.


The best time to trim plants and shrubs is at the beginning of their growing season which will open up new spaces for the new buds and leaves to bloom.


Now that we know why pruning is important, let’s move to the big question : How to prune or trim a plant/shrub?

Don’t panic, it’s not rocket science at all. So for a easy go you can start the task as follows-

  • Remove the dead leaves, buds, limbs and flowers.
  • Make sure that you’re making an angle of 45 degrees while cutting.
  • After that observe the plant and cut the branches which are overgrown or not in shape.
  • Lastly look at any stem which is leggy or fragile and falling off. Cut it off to clear the way for a new stronger stem.
  • The most important thing is to only remove 10-20% of the plant’s foliage at a time.

There are various ways of pruning plants like Thinning, shearing, pinching and heading which involves shaping a plant according to its need.

Tools to trim plants-

Always use sharp and clean tools for pruning or trimming your plants. There are different tools available for the shape and size of a plant so choose the scissors accordingly. You can purchase them online as well as from any traditional store too. Some of the tools are-

  • Hand Pruner
  • Scissors
  • Handsaw
  • Gardening Gloves
  • Loppers
  • Shears
  • Protective Clothing


Once done with the whole process, taking care of the plant or shrub is equally important to grant it a healthy life. For that you can follow these steps-

  • Fertilize the plants properly and avoid overuse.
  • Clean the leaves and stems with a wet cloth gently to remove dust and dirt.
  • Water them regularly and properly.
  • Avoid keeping them in harsh sunlight.
  • Avoid over watering the plants.
  • Change the soil if required.

We’re quite sure that you will handle the pruning or trimming of your plants and shrubs like a pro. After all it impacts how your plant will grow vertically and horizontally.

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