How to water Succulent plants

Watering Succulent plants

Succulents are not like most of the plants. So, if you try to water them like other plants, they won’t survive. They can store water in their leaves, stem, or roots, which helps them to survive in drought-tolerant and arid conditions. But, people fail to understand when you bring them to your garden or home, you still need to water them regularly. Here are some watering methods that can help you to thrive on succulents.

How to check when succulent plants needs water?

Succulent plants

First, dry and soak method. This method is used to give the soil a good soaking until it completely dries out. You know the time to water the succulent again when the soil feels dry to touch.

Second, use a stick to measure the moisture of the soil. Insert the stick into the topsoil, and if it comes out to be dry, then it’s time to water the succulent.

Dangers of Overwatering

The leading cause of death for succulents is overwatering. And, if they are immersed or been in a moist condition for a long period, then the roots will rot.

Once the root is rot, it develops an infection that can quickly spread throughout the plant. The discolouration is also a sign of root rot, and green leaves will turn into yellowish or blackish. That is a clear indication of a plant closer to death.

If you want to stop the spread of infection. Try cutting down the discoloured section with a pair of sanitized shears. The next step is to remove the plant from the soil and identify the rooting roots. If you find the rotting roots, cut them off using shears and allow it to completely dry out under a shaded area.

Fill up everything and replant the succulent.

Dangers of Underwatering

Succulent plants

If succulent is not receiving enough water, then it will rely upon known sources like leaves, stems and will soak till it appears dry and shattered up. There is more danger of overwatering than underwatering in succulent plants. Smaller succulent can survive without water for 4 weeks. Larger ones, such as cactus can even go without water for 6 months. They store water in their leaves. So, larger the leaves, longer is the period and vice-versa.

Indoor Succulent plants

They require a deeper soaking than a few sprinklings here and there. You know, when watering correctly, the water runs out from the drainage hole. The frequency of watering on Indoor succulents depends upon the temperature, soil, and climate.

Garden Succulent plants

Garden soil tends to lose moisture faster. After checking the moisture level of garden soil, you would observe that succulents need water every 7th to 10th day.

Avoid these mistakes

  • Don’t water the plant from the above because it can make the leaves wet and later exposes the roots to rot. However, try watering it from the ground unless the soil gets a good soaking.
  • Always succulent plants in a pot that has a drainage hole; So that the excess water flows out from the soil.

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