Growing succulent plant have become a popular hobby because the Succulent plants are easy to take care of. And this is true because the succulent plant requires only three main things:-

1-Dry Soil to grow

2-Regular watering to plant, at least two times a day

3-Proper Sunlight

But even though succulents are low maintenance plants, being able to identify different types of cactus will help you take better care of them. Also, in your backyard or garden, you will love to water that succulent, which you love.

Smart Ways To Identify Your Favourite Succulent Plant-

1-Photos: You can just google search “succulent” and thus scroll through various images to find your liking. Make sure to know all the characteristics of plant i.e., environmental conditions required for its growth, amount of water and the sunlight plant will need, etc.

2-Family Members: It might be possible that you are still unable to make a decision. So why not ask your father or mother or grandfather/grandmother who had been gardening and nurturing plants better than you and for years. They can also guide you better about the type of Soil that is present in your backyard, plus the added advantage is that if some days you are out of the station, you can remind your family member to take care of the succulent plant.

3-Friends: You see a cotyledon plant in your friend’s lawn, and you are fascinated by its looks and knowing about its properties. That moment you will also be eager to grow such kind of plant in your garden. So even asking friends can make your work done. Since if they have already nourished that type of plant, they will be more suitable to guide you through the whole process.

4- Medicinal Properties of Succulent: Many people grow a particular type of succulent because of its medicinal uses. For Example- Aloe Vera is one of the widest plant species in today’s world because of it’s uncountable medicinal values. Similarly is the case with cactus, lechuguilla, houseleek, etc. The list is never-ending.

Types of succulent Plants

1. Aloe Vera

‘Allo, Vera! These attractive plants not only possess amazing healing properties, but they’re also very easy to grow. Humans have been using this plant to cure burns, abrasions, and lowering blood sugar levels.The medicinal properties of this plant are infinite.It can be used to treat even diseases like cancer.

2. Snake plant

Snake plants - Succulent

The snake plant is also another succulent that any be to keep alive with minimum effort. The plant gets its name from its long, pointed leaves that are similar to that of a snake. Research by NASA has found that these succulents are one of the best air purifying options for your home, removing toxins like formaldehyde and benzene from the air you breathe.

 3. String of Pearls 

String of perals - Succulent plant

A string of pearls is another eye-catching succulent, particularly when draped in a hanging basket. Like most succulents, they are very drought tolerant, requiring bright light, well-drained soil, and minimal watering. Another added benefit is that they grow quickly and are easily propagated.

4. Jade Plant

Jade plant - Succulent Plant

The jade plant is also recognized as a money tree is considered a symbol of good luck. This plant is characterized by thick stems and thick glossy green leaves and can grow up to one-and-a-half meters tall. However, the most significant factor in caring for a Jade Plant is proper watering.  


Be patient when it comes to identifying your succulent. Finding your preferred succulent may take time, but it will be worth it.

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