Indoor Garden Ideas

You love plants and you want to have your own garden but if you live in an apartment, it can be a bummer in between your dream. But not any more because today we are going to talk about how to create different indoor garden ideas , Vertical gardens and how you can create them! Indoor gardening is as simple as gardening outdoors, with the added benefit of being able to spruce it up with stylish designs. Indoor gardening caters to a lot of people, from the inexperienced up to the experts. Granted, that you have done your homework! If you know what you are doing then there are no worries! You can always do your homework as there are many resources available to learn both online and offline! Here are some of the indoor gardening ideas.

Indoor garden ideas
Indoor garden

Bottle Gardens: Gardens in a bottle are essentially the same thing as terrariums. Each one is a small greenhouse supporting a miniature ecosystem of plants. the first step in creating glass bottle gardens is selecting the bottle. Clear bottles allow the most sunlight to enter but if you choose a colored bottle you need to select plant that tolerate medium to low levels of light. You can also use simple plastic bottles and simply cut an opening for the plant to fit in. The soil needs to be porous in order to roots to grow and breathe otherwise the roots can rot if it doesn’t get much air. To avoid the chance of death of plant by overwatering use gravels at the bottom, the put some activated charcoal as it will reduce the bad smell of the soil. Add the 2 to 3 layers of the potting mix, ideally should be 2 to 3 inches. Spread the soil evenly over the gravels. Use a rich soil to avoid using fertilizer. Now plant the seed and firm the soil. Add a layer of activated charcoal and some gravels on the top just to make it look attractive (you can avoid this part). Spray the soil with water until they are moist, water again when the soil becomes dry. Put the bottle out of direct sunlight. Suitable plants for bottle gardens are Croton, Polka-dot plant, Southern maidenhair fern etc.

Indoor Vertical Gardens: if you are short on space vertical gardens are the best indoor gardening ideas. Thanks to the vertical garden trend even people with tiny apartments are enjoying the fun of having plants. By planting upwards rather than outwards you’ll have enough space to plant fresh herbs, healing plants, tons of different types of flowers, inside or outside both! The best part is that vertical gardens are not that expensive you can use any storing stuff that has been lying around in your house like a tin can, simple clay pots etc. For making a DIY Vertical Garden you will need a wall… so select wisely as the variety of plants will depend on how much sunlight the wall receives. Also choosing a wall that is ruined will be ideal as this vertical garden will lift up the whole vibe of the house. The basic structure of a vertical garden are three layers- frame, plastic sheet and fabric. Build the whole setup before hanging it. For building the frame PVC pipes are ideal as wood may rot due to moisture and metal will be heavy and expensive. Now attach the plastic sheet to the frame. The plastic acts as a backing for the fabric layer, plus keeps the water off the wall. Now attach the layer of the fabric to the frame. The fabric you are using must have the quality of keeping the plants alive and will hold water for them. Ideally carpet padding is the best kind but you can use anything that can retain water without rotting. You’ll need two layers of fabric atleast, attach them directly with the screws or stainless- steel staples…. forming a kind of canvas. The nest step will be setting up the irrigation system, the best is to use irrigation drippers. You want a quick flow of water for 10 to 15 seconds rather than minutes at least 6 times a day. Choose the plant according the conditions available on the wall like for low sunlight like ferns. To insert the plants into the outer layers of the fabric, use a razor blade to make a horizontal cut in the material. Get as much soil off the plants roots and insert it into a cut. Staple the plant and the material to the plastic sheet. You have a vertical garden for yourself!

Hanging Clay pots: This method of indoor gardening is one of the oldest methods. Use your regular clay pot and hang it on the wall with a rope. This method doesn’t need much instructions and hence is very easy to do but keeping in mind some things. Like to check whether the wall where you are hanging the pot receives much light or no (this is basic), the hang the pot empty as you can fill the soil later by identifying how much the rope can take weight it is advisable to use a strong rope as clay pots breaks easily when they fall. Now the soil should be nutritional as you won’t be able to get up and check on the plants very easily neither you can water them easily if they are at a good height. So, it is good to grow plants that don’t need much attention like English Ivy or Money plant as these are creepers and will create a nice falling down effect. Before putting the soil add some pebbles as it will help in case of over watering.

The clay pots can also be arranged in a vertical garden form if you place them systematically on a stand, that way you can grow any plant you like as watering and taking care of the plant will be easier than the hanging pots.

with these indoor garden ideas you can bring the nature inside your home. If you are looking for vertical garden service providers in Bangalore, Hyderabad and Kochi . Enquire now. We are the leading vertical garden service providers in Bangalore , Hyderabad and Kochi.

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