Indoor Herb Gardens!

Just imagine your mornings when your room be filled with earthy-floral scent of lavender, your balcony is aromatic with mint smell and fragrance of basil from your home-garden or balcony garden is ready to be served in your morning tea to make you energetic as never before. Lost in thoughts of such a perfect mornings? Well, you should be because this magic is what indoor herbs bring to your gardens. To begin with, HERBS (or herbaceous plants) are small and seed-bearing plants that don’t possess a woody hard stem-like shrubs or trees. These plants have aromatic and savory properties and are used for flavoring and garnishing food, for fragrances, and medicinal purposes.

And guess the best part about these small friends. It is that they can be easily grown indoors in space of your homes with much less efforts and cost. These indoor herb plants will be a perfect idea for your interior design. As long as you understand their requirements and keep supplying what they need, they will continue to return rewards of fresh aroma to your air and flavoring culinary ingredients to your kitchen.

Indoor Herb Gardens


The following chart will give you an insight about the herbs those you can grow indoor herb plants :

Herb NameBenefits
Mint (Pudina)Helps in smoother digestion, Anti-inflammatory properties soothe swelling, Improve brain function, helps in curing headache too.
Basil (Tulsi)Lowers the risk of heart disease, soothes fever, headache, sore throat, cold, cough and flu.
Sage (Rishi)Reducing oxidative stress on the body, helps in headache and sore throat relief, reduces inflammation, protects against bacterial and viral infections.
Thyme (Ajavaayan)Improve heart health, Boosts immune system, relieving stress, improves vision and blood circulation
Parsley (Ajmod)Improves bone health and heart health, vision improvement, rich in cancer-fighting substances and other nutrients.

Apart from the above mentioned, you can also opt for rosemary, chives, oregano, and cilantro.


To enjoy a healthy and fresh supply of herbs, you need to give them proper care. Following tips will help you in doing so:

1. Proper lighting: Your indoor herbs will taste better and live longer, healthier with a proper 6-7 hours of direct daily sunlight. Keep them near sunny windows or sunroof for this purpose. You may also go for artificial lighting such as simply a CFL Bulb light.

Indoor Herb Plants

2. Proper Planters: Use the planters which suit your budget and also have good drainage. Herbs can’t grow properly in overwatered soil. Terra Cotta pot is always a good option as it prevents roots from getting waterlogged. Use saucers for the drained water. Choose the planter of the right size. E.g. if you want to grow basil, opt for a planter which can handle its deeper roots.

Indoor herbs

3. ProperSoil and fertilizers: Select a suitable potting mix for your indoor herb plants. Don’t ever use dirt from your house as the soil because this may not let the herb’s roots to breathe properly. Seaweed extract will prove to be the best fertilizer or plant medicine for your herbs. Since different herbs need a different kind of feed, so it’s better to know at first about which nutrients your herbs need.

4. Preserving your herbs: In case you feel like preserving your fresh herbs, you can do so by the methods of Air-drying (for oregano, thyme, sage), oven-drying ( a method faster than air-drying) and freezing (for basil, parsley, cilantro).

And at last, don’t forget to show your love to your Indoor herb garden. Your love will have a positive effect on the growth of your herbs. Talk to them, brush your hand over them, take care of them and they’ll take care of you.

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