Inspire unhappy staff with Mother Nature

Employees spend a lot of their time in a day between the four walls of their workplace, where the physical atmosphere influences their mind and has a direct impact on their work efficiency and productivity. In the office, employees who are more content with the physical environment produce better work results. Temperature, air conditioning, lighting in the office affect the work attentiveness and yield. Physical office ambiance can have a considerable effect on mood swings, insight, and productivity of employees. Nearly all of the former researchers in their analysis have majorly focused on a particular aspect that could give an effect on employee ‘s achievement at work. Though, no comparison was done to analyse the associations between the complete constituents of the physical office surroundings and employees ‘production.

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 One of the million-dollar questions that institutions want to know is how to engage the workforce and how to keep them happy and inspired? There are about three billion people at work and about 40 percent of them would say that they are happy at work. That means that almost 2 billion people are not happy at work. Organizations that have happy employees have three times the revenue increase, contrasted to organizations where they are troubled. Primarily, the employee turnover is also halved. The American Society of Interior Designers observed that a substantial workplace scheme is one of the top three factors that affect an employee’s production and job gratification.

 To make the staff happy and engage them in work, we do not have to spend more money. It is not about ping-pong tables, massage parlours, or pet walking. It is all about the way people work with their leaders and the workplace environment too. Well, building trust and respect towards the boss among the employees depends on the behaviour of the individual. On the other hand, the work-place ambiance also plays a major role in uplifting the moods of the staff and keep them inspired. So, unpinning are ways in which the very essence of Mother Nature can build a happy environment, for the employees to stay motivated.

 1. Keep it bright:

 In general, natural light allows us to work with fresh minds. It makes the staff to be more productive and creative. The employee desks or cubicles must be by the window side through which an ample amount of sunlight can enter through the panes. In short, there should be proper ventilation for a better inflow of air. Lighting that is too faint has the potential to decrease potency in causing eye strain, neuralgias, drowsiness, and absence of focus. An equilibrium within natural and artificial lighting can help to achieve this. Studies have shown that natural lighting can have an immediate influence on employee contentment and focus – both of which make for more prolific workers.

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 2. Keep fresh flowers around:

 It is a great way to have something living and fresh in the office space. Pretty pink and white flowers can be appealing to the eyes. They make the space feel personalized. In addition, they just fill the room with authentic fragrance. Weak air quality can add to a reduction in energy levels, disturbances, and attention difficulties.

 3. One desk, one plant:

 From a set of plats, ask the employees to choose one. This indoor plant stays on their desk. The employees will have to take care of this plant. Water them regularly. This improves the air quality and freshen up the air around. When these plants grow a little bigger, they can be re-potted at a larger space area. This would encourage the skills of responsibility. Believe it or not, the feeling that one gets, seeing the plant grow day by day is cherishable.

4. Grass Carpet:

 One can make up space at a corner in the office, that has grass flooring. It lets to usher in a little bit of nature into the workplace. They not only accentuate the look of the room but also gives the feeling of being connected with Mother Nature.

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5. Indoor gardening:

 Placing indoor plants makes the office place lush green. They act as stress-relievers. Nowadays, people are getting exposed to a lot of pollution. They are so much affected by the urban living that they do not take time to freshen up their minds. These indoor plants act as tranquilizers and helps in stress relief. A few studies done by researchers show that office workers are reported to be less fatigued when they have access to plants or window views and favour work conditions with living flowers and window views. Furthermore, he also reported that natural environments can have a therapeutic effect on concentration.

 6. Outdoor trips:

 Employees can go to “official outdoor trips to places with green landscapes. They can plan to go- trekking, paragliding, etc. Such activities increase the bond among the fellow- workers and allow them to spend a good amount of time to keep themselves distracted from hectic schedules and deadlines. This is called “forest therapy”. There is a close link between reward and better production. When your employees’ confidence is high, you will begin noticing the results in their work. Corporate informal pursuits are based on growing team spirit, stimulating lateral thought, and enhancing response under stress. All these skills will automatically speculate undeniably on the company.

 Employee productivity seems to be determined, for the most maximum part, by our own natural insights. Pleasing each individual sense, therefore, makes for more relaxed and very fruitful employees. The indoor air quality, thermic warmth, design of personalized workspaces, interior plants, indoor carbon dioxide congestion, and many other constituents should be considered by the administrators of organizations. A satisfactory working environment is essential to allow employees to focus and do their job flawlessly. This will assure the quality of life at work as well as the performance of office workers for better organizational accomplishment. Devising the comprehensive and perfect office is expensive, time-consuming, and presumably not what everybody would be spending time on. However, overlooking your workspace can really affect the potency of the employee.

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