Anthony T. Hincks once said “Take your first step and you will walk before you know it. In the 21st century, where the whole world is battling through some major issues posed by pollution, the most important yet often neglected part of our lives is to make more environment-conscious choices. Anyone can indulge in a more environment friendly behaviour by doing as little as gardening. The kitchen might not be the first place that you think of whenever you decide to bring a little greenery to your home. Problems like lack of sunlight, counter space, high temperature etc might become your biggest enemy in planning a kitchen garden. However, a kitchen is one of the most popular spots in any house and hence deserves a few scented plants that can improve the air quality, reduce stress and make the daily chores like cooking or dish-washing more interesting.

We always wish for those plants which can satisfy our multiple sensory organs, herbs are one such plant that are not only aromatic but taste amazing and are also beautiful. Following are the five most beautiful and scented herbs that in no time will help you get on-board with your kitchen gardening idea.

  • Rosemary: it can be used in variety of ways and especially go well with a roasted chicken. It is great smelling and low maintenance.
  • Basil: it has a strong flavour and fragrance and hence is especially used as a pizza topping or in salads too.
  • Mint: it has a pinch of freshness to it and goes well in lemonade or it can also be used as a garnish for desserts as it can be beautifully paired up with chocolate.
  • Thyme: one of  the greatest advantages of growing thyme is that it stays green throughout the year. You don’t even have to worry about watering it constantly as it prefers a well-drained soil and it tastes amazing with eggs.
  • Lemongrass: in food and beverages, lemongrass is highly preferred because of it’s lemony scent and wonderful taste. In addition to this, lemongrass is also used to relieve pain, bring the fever down and control the level of sugar and cholesterol in our blood.

Houseplants and kitchen gardening are not only a way of transforming your homes and adding a bit of liveliness to them, rather they are a major source of positive energy that can lift your spirit in one go. Therefore, to sum it up, gardening should not only be looked at as a hobby but it should be considered as a very important step towards saving the environment and ultimately saving the human kind.

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