Flower garden ideas for balcony garden or home garden

Most people in this world are scared of working hard for something that they feel passionate about, they are scared to go out and snatch their success away while they can happily spend hours waiting for good thing to happen to them. Nothing teaches you patience better than gardening or flowering. However, people would still associate terms like gardening, balcony garden, terrace gardening, kitchen gardening, artificial turf landscaping, landscape gardening, balcony terrace garden etc with hard work that goes beyond human capacity. At times like these, Pele’s thought becomes ideal “Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do.”

If you believe you’re not suitable for the whole gardening shenanigan, there are a lot of other minimalistic gardening approaches that one can opt for. Ground covers is one such option. In landscaping, this refers to growing a group of low-lying plants with a creeping or spreading habit that can cover sections of ground with minimal maintenance. They are perfect for your balcony garden or balcony terrace garden if you wish to achieve an interesting aesthetic for a dull place. Although, ground covers do not grow overnight, it’s advisable to plant them in spring or early summers when the plants can root well. Following are some advantages of flowering ground cover plants that would immediately help you choose this modern method instead of the traditional ones:

  • Ground covers are not only used for aesthetic purposes but they also help in saving money in the long run as they reduce the expenses of extensive feeding, watering, lawnmower fuel and maintenance.
  • Low-maintenance perennial creeping plants can help cover the slopes where mowing the grass becomes difficult.
  • They can be used in high-traffic areas that don’t bear up well with grass or in intensely hot and dry areas.
  • Some ground covers grow so thick that they block out weeds and growing creeping thyme or creeping mint also helps in inducing delightful smells in the landscape.

The important part of growing flowering ground covers is to choose which one would suit your balcony or terrace garden the best. Nobody would want a ground cover that eats other plants and grows beyond a foot high looking uncultured or weedy. To avoid this problem, we are providing the flower balcony ideas for your balcony garden.. here is a list of best flowering ground cover plants that are easy to grow and look mesmerising:

  • Moss Rose (Portulaca) – if seeing random colours in your balcony garden makes you happy then this ground cover plant is for you. Moss Rose is a perennial plant of topical or sub-tropical climate. It has tiny colourful flowers blooming in red, yellow, pink, orange and has needle like foliage also. This plant cover spreads densely and gives a luscious touch to the garden. 
  • Sweet woodruff– as the name suggests, this plant cover has a reputation of spreading a sweet aroma in your balcony garden. It’s not only the flowers which spread the fragrance but the leaves too. Sweet woodruff grows well in full shade to part shade and on well-drained soil. Mid-spring is the blooming season for this plant cover and it can grow up to 8-10 inches.
  • Dalmatian Bellflower– Campanula portenschlagiana or Dalmatian bellflower is a blue-purple beauty that blooms from spring to summers. This plant cover forms a mat of small rounded leaves in the garden. The best part about having Dalmatian bellflower in your balcony garden or balcony landscape garden is its star-shaped flowers that are a beautiful sight for sore eyes.  It’s an annual plant that grows in part shade or full sun on a well-drained, alkaline and fairly-loose soil.
balcony garden
  • Firecracker (Russelia Equisetiformis) – if you’re a selfless person and care more about birds and butterflies than your own balcony garden then this plant cover should be your first choice. Firecracker is a drought resistant plant and successfully attracts birds and butterflies in large numbers. It’s a warm climate plant that is suitable for slopes, borders, retaining walls and even containers.
  • Lamb’s Ear– this beautiful ground plant has attractive thick grey-green foliage that resembles velvety rosettes. Its purple coloured flowers bloom in late springs and adds to the overall beauty of the ground cover. It grows up to 12 inches in full or part sun.
  • Bigroot Geranium– this flower ground cover suits the old traditional needs of the people who want an aggressive perennial ground cover that grows up to 1-1.5 feet tall. This plant loves the sun and blooms in warm weather in colours of pink and pale-pink with variegated foliage. In addition to this, it’s also a drought tolerant plant.
flowers, balcony terrace garden
  • Spotted Dead Nettle– Lamium maculatum or spotted dead nettle is known for its dense cluster of flowers appearing in variety of colours like white, pink and purple along with its variegated foliage. This plant requires cool, moist soil and shade to part shade. One disadvantage of this plant is that a lot of gardeners still consider it as a weed. 
  • Creeping Thyme– Thymus Serpyllum is considered to be one of the best alternatives for artificial grass. It smells delicious, can be used in a kitchen and is easy to grow. In summers, it even gives off white or pink flowers. This tiny plant rarely grows up to 3 inches and is also deer resistant.
  • Creeping Phlox– this flowering ground cover plant wins the race when it comes to beautiful pastel coloured flowers. It’s not only a “looking-good” plant to have in your balcony garden; it’s also sturdy, requires low-maintenance and can hide the difficult areas of your balcony garden like an unsightly slope. Moreover, it can also be used as a border for flower beds.
balcony terrace garden
  • Sedum– don’t let living in a different climate area be the reason for not adopting ground cover plants. The best thing about growing a plant like sedum is that it offers around 400 varieties of them all around the world for people living in diverse climates. It comes from a family of ornamental succulent plants and grows well in full sun and drained soil.
  • Lily of the Valley– it’s a plant with the cutest little bell-shaped white flowers that are ought to steal your heart. Lily of the Valley is an easy to grow, fragrant plant that has a long booming period.  It grows well in shade and cool temperate zones.
  • Veronica ‘Goodness Grows’– it’s quite a surprising name for a flowering ground cover plant. Although apart from its attractive name, its spiky blue blooms with bright green foliage are another reason to have it in your garden. It’s a perennial plant that grows from summers to fall. It should be a must have plant for a cottage style garden. This plant requires regular but moderate watering and full sun.

Flowering ground cover plants are a quick fix to the ever-lasting problem of having no lawns. Once you’ve decided what kind of a plant you want, the next step is to estimate the number of plants you would require, keeping in mind their mature size. The new parents of the beautiful flowering ground cover plants should always keep a check on weeding, watering and the nutrient content of the soil also. We all should hence try to live by William Kent’s quote “Garden as though you will live forever.”

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