Living Frame with Money Plant green (Blue colour)

Living Frame with Money Plant green (Blue colour)


A Balcony Garden product with the latest in green interior design with a Framed Living Wall. This replica green wall with Money Plant Neon plant, which is the ultimate modern accent.

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  • Plant size: Upto 1 Feet
  • Durability of the Frame: Weather Resistant
  • Scientific name: Epipremnum aureum Common names: Money plant, Epipremnum aureum tricolour.
  • Dimension of the Frame: Length - 20" Width - 20" (approx)

Living frame makes a great showpiece for a plane wall inside your living room, balcony, luxury condominium or the reception area etc., Money plants Green is a bright chartreuse green foliage and ease of care this new variety of Pothos will liven up indoor spaces in the home or Office.

Frequently Asked Questions

We use high quality Pine wood.

No, we suggest using a Secondary Planter like Plastic Pots inside it.

It is perfect for indoor and Balcony use.

Yes, We are using painted wood in different colts. Please keep on checking


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