Interior Design looks incomplete without Office Plants, but having Indoor Plants is a daily challenge to most work spaces. Best way out is to take Plants on Hire. Yes! You heard it right. Plants on Rent is a key solution to all your problem. Add Natural Air-purifiers, Humidifiers and beautify your office spaces with few lush plants at no additional cost. Call out to our Interior Plantscaping service to guide you with best Plants at Work solution. We offer one of the only tech-enabled Plants Maintenance solutions for offices in Bangalore.


With our step by step process of hiring Plants at Work Services , understand how you can also get an easy, hassle free, low cost customised greenery solution for your business work space.


Do you want to bring natural greenery into your work space, but have a limited budget to do so?

  • Our Plants@Work provides for Interior Landscaping (Plantscaping) services at an affordable monthly rental rate, by installing from our wide range of Indoor plants and planters, routine Plant care maintenance, periodic replacement(of any unhealthy plant) and seasonal plants-setup rotations
  • At Plants@Work, we focus on providing a one-stop, low-cost solution for all your Indoor Plants design, supply, installation and maintenance services for any type & size of Commercial interior Spaces such as corporate offices, Tech Parks & campuses, co-working office buildings, malls & retail centres, hotels, hospitals and educational establishments.
  • Our ever-growing, multi-layered dedicated team of avid designers, qualified Horticulturists, diligent Maintenance team and skilled Interior Gardeners, have time-after-time proven our capability to deliver high-quality interior greening services which are known to positively uplift the building aesthetics, and also the physical as well as mental well-being of their occupants’.
  • Our design consists of a comprehensive- range of modern-chic Plant containers, vertical garden setup and green partitions along with a large variety of indoor plants best suited for your workspace.
  • We just don’t place plants, we transform interior spaces into lively spaces.


Treemendous is one of the leading companies for Plantscaping Bangalore and Hyderabad. Plants at Work minimizes the hassle of constant follow-ups. We ensure Healthy Lush Office Plants and No.1 Plant Maintenance. As Office Interior Decorators, we offer best Plantscaping Ideas, Office design considering Office Decor. Plants for Rent helps employees to be connected to nature while still sitting at their workstations.


1. How frequently will the gardener come for the maintenance service and what activities will he carry out?

The Gardener will visit twice in a week and water the plants, trim old & dry leaves, clean the dust on plants. Manure and spray pesticides as per schedule.

2. How often will the plants be replaced?

The unhealthy plants will be replaced fortnightly.

3. Can we have Flowering plants inside Cabin’s?

Highly not recommendable as flowering plants needs full sun to bloom.

4. Will there be mosquitoes and flies issue because of the plants?

No it should not be. Mosquito repellent spray is also added in the pest control schedule chart and it will be sprayed on a periodic basics.

5. What are the benefits of having Plants at Office?

Having Plants at Office makes the space more vibrant and lively. The plants induces freshness, increases Oxygen level thereby filtering the pollutants in the air.

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