Plants that thrive in bathroom

Plants in a bathroom, isn’t that weird? Actually on the contrary, a bathroom is a warm, humid room that provides the perfect environment for plants to thrive.


  1. Soap-dish: check
  2. Shampoo: check
  3. Shower head: check
  4. Lotion: check
  5. Plants: check

The plants can improve the air quality of the bathroom, add on to the beauty and you can always find water close at hand to irrigate the plants. For instance when someone takes a long, hot shower, the moisture and the heat of the bathroom equates to that of a tropical rainforest. Certain plants would always love this kind of environment. However, it’s important to understand what kind of indoor plants will best suit your bathroom. Some people might be worried about their small bathroom space; nevertheless a plant or two would always succeed in adding a zing to your ultra-modern or even traditional bathroom.

Growing plants should not be limited to Balcony gardens or terrace gardens only; similarly taking care of plants should not be limited to being a hobby only. Dedicating yourself for creating a home garden is ought to include the plants that can thrive in the bathroom also, some of these plants are:

  1. Aloe Vera– it’s a handy plant to have around. Potted aloe vera rarely grows beyond 2 feet of height. If grown as an indoor plant, aloe vera tends to have a good tolerance for temperature swings and requires minimal care. Apart from looking good, aloe vera is an excellent healing agent. The leaves of this plant produce a kind of gel that can help with minor burns, scrapes and dry skin.
  2. Bamboo– the greatest advantage of growing bamboo is that you don’t even require soil for it to grow; just a jar filled with stones and water is more than enough. It’s a type of fastest growing grass in the world because of which it might get hard to keep it as an indoor plant. However, clumping variety of bamboo requires far less re-potting than those that run freely. Bamboo usually prefers sandy soil to grow in and it should be fed with diluted fertilizer in the growing season.
  3. Ivy- a fun fact about ivy is that NASA uses it to purify air which definitely gives us a signal to plant it at our homes or bathrooms too. It’s one of the easiest houseplants to keep as it would enjoy the warm and humid temperature of your bathroom. Ivy can be used to create a lush atmosphere in the bathroom as its aerial roots can be trained to climb a moss stick or trellis. For the added dramatic effect, it can be placed around the sink, around the bathtub or hanging from the shelf.
  4. Snake plant– the ‘Mother in Law’s Tongue’ or snake plant is a great choice for your bathroom. Contrary to its name, snake plant can be a real friend as it’s a great air purifier. It tends to filter out formaldehyde (harmful toxins) commonly found in bathroom products. This plant loves the tropical kind of atmosphere of your bathroom and in addition to this; it also has long vertical leaves that can easily save up your bathroom shelf’s space.
  5. Fern– it can turn out to be your best companion for a relaxing bath tub time. Ferns are joyful inhabitants of any bathroom as their fronds are fragile and can dry out in windy conditions. They come from a family of shade-loving plants and reproduce through spores. Some ferns can even grow in the shower stall where they are regularly soaked. Some of the most recommended ferns for your bathroom are Boston fern, Bird’s Nest Fern, and Button Fern etc.
  6. Peace Lilly– if you’re a home decorator by heart then you should definitely opt for planting this beautiful white flower that ought to complement your bathroom decor. You won’t even have to water it too often as the natural humidity of your bathroom would keep it moist. With its rich, glossy, green leaves, this flower also acts as an air purifier.
  7. Chinese Evergreen– these large leaved, tropical perennials can survive on medium or low levels of light. It loves the humidity and can sustain itself even if you forget to water or feed it. It grows 1 to 2 feet tall and requires rich, well- drained potting mix.

David Hobson once said “I grow plants for many reasons: to please my eye or to please my soul, to challenge the elements or to challenge my patience, for novelty or for nostalgia, but mostly for the joy in seeing them grow.” Living plants indeed make bathrooms a much better place for users by improving its air quality or its decor. However, it’s still important to make wise choices. Some plants might not qualify as “shower plants” or sometimes the bathroom might not even provide an appropriate environment for the plants to grow. Some problems that might occur in creating an environment-friendly bathroom are:

  • Tropical plants would adjust fine in a bathroom because there is plenty of warm, humid air during shower time. But a lot of plants might not be able to adjust with the temperature fluctuations that are produced when the bathroom is cold and left empty for hours especially at night.
  • The choice of shower plants is the hardest because succulents and cacti prefer drier conditions and would rot if kept moist constantly. Other plants and evergreens might also develop powdery mildew in high humidity.
  • Many bathrooms do not have windows which equates to low levels of sunlight. This makes it hard for us to maintain any plant there for a long time. However, fluorescent bulbs provide plenty of lights in wavelength that can be used up by plants. This is also a cost-efficient method.
  • Bathrooms with smaller spaces can also pose a lot of problems. To avoid this, try using plants that can fit into a windowsill or a small shelf or better yet, you can hang a few plants from the bathroom ceiling as well.

A true gardener is the one who doesn’t give up when these or a lot of other problems come in his way. Janet Kilburn Phillips hence reassured by saying “There are no gardening mistakes, only experiments.” A bathroom might seem like an odd place to start your experiments with but don’t forget that even a bathroom can turn into a perfect tropical rainforest after a hot shower. There are a range of beautiful possibilities from steam-absorbing greenery like philodendrons to rainforest flowers like orchids waiting to get situated in your bathroom. Although, one needs to keep in mind the three factors- light, humidity and temperature before making any decision. The need to get inspired about adding a little life and greenery to your bathroom is urgent because a plant is our ultimate knight in shining armour. It breathes in carbon dioxide to give out oxygen which helps in creating a fresher environment with or without ventilation. Certain varieties of plants like aloe vera might even change the whole face of your medicine cabinet as it contains various healing properties. To sum it up, make sure you’ve chosen a right kind of bathroom to work with and the right kind of plants to make the experience more fruitful. 

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