We tend to forget the importance of office plants and sometimes take them without any consideration. Plants square measure a vital resource. We do tend to need them for food, water, medicine, the air us to tend to breathe,Continue reading “HOW TO PICK THE PERFECT OFFICE PLANT?”

Find your new sleeping partner

People are often encouraged to keep adding plants to their home nurseries, terrace gardens and balcony gardens as plants come bearing multiple benefits. However, a myth pertains that welcoming these plants inside the house might not be a greatContinue reading “Find your new sleeping partner”

Succulent Plants – How To Care

Succulent plants, being small plants with fleshy and thickened leaves, store a significant amount of water in them. Their less maintenance and small size make them ideal for indoor gardening like balcony gardening , Terrace gardening.  Succulents are the mostContinue reading “Succulent Plants – How To Care”