We tend to forget the importance of office plant and sometimes take them without any consideration. Plants square measure a vital resource. We do tend to need them for food, water, medicine, the air us to tend to breathe,Continue reading “HOW TO PICK THE PERFECT OFFICE PLANT?”

Indoor plants – 7 Mistakes that people make

Green is the new happy and we all wants to be happy that’s why we try to bring greenery in our house in form of indoor plants , Home gardens. Plants not only makes our house look great butContinue reading “Indoor plants – 7 Mistakes that people make”

How to water Succulent plants

Succulents are not like most of the plants. So, if you try to water them like other plants, they won’t survive. They can store water in their leaves, stem, or roots, which helps them to survive in drought-tolerant andContinue reading “How to water Succulent plants”