Terrace garden in Hyderabad

Blessed with a Terrace but confused on how to beautify it? Introducing our Terrace Garden services in Hyderabad to transform your Terrace into an exciting space for a family gathering or a party. Terrace Gardens help keep ambience cooler and increase fresh air circulation. Customize the Terrace Garden to suit your budget as well as your space requirements. Our Terrace Garden Designs are highly rated across platforms like Houzz, Google etc. Our Terrace Garden Designs in Hyderabad start from Rs.50,000/-.

Can go for Gazebo or Pergola on a Terrace Garden to add a hangout zone.

Terrace Garden kochi


  • Adds life to any Terrace
  • Reduces Indoor Temperature
  • Improve air quality
  • Absorbs Heat and keeps the surrounding cooler.
  • Source of Mini farmyard where fruits and veggies can be planted


Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

“Services are amazing”

The initial visit took a long time but after the discussion and finalization of the quote , the services rendered were excellent . Thanks team treemendous…

Ishan Sarkar

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Excellent work”

Treemendous understood my requirements and made  recommendations according to my taste and space. They  were on time and fast. Their people knew about plants and  helped me understand what I would need to make my  garden beautiful and make my plants thrive..


Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Highly Recommended”

Excellent quality and finishes the work in exact timeline. Team is very responsive and cooperative. I asked many questions, they answered to all my questions and helps me to understand. Highly recommended



With our step by step process , understand how you can also get an easy, hassle free, low cost customized greenery solution for your home. Our Western hub is located in Ahmedabad, from where we will be servicing Vadodara.


1. How frequently do I need to water the plants?

Generally, terraces are open areas with full sun, we recommend everyday watering. However, a few conditions may change based on the exact location and plant varieties that will be guided accordingly at the time of execution.

2. How to maintain the plants post your Terrace Garden Setup?

Our Execution team will explain you on the maintenance of each plant.

3. How frequently should I manure and carry out pest-control? And will it be provided by Treemendous?

Manuring can be done between 15-45 days  based on the plant varieties and pesticides/insecticide is generally recommend every month once or twice. As a precaution and to keep your plants look every green, start spraying neem product mixed with water that will keep insects away from plant.

Secondly, Treemendous won’t be supplying the products but can guide you with the list of suitable products.

4. Can we get guidance on plant varieties?

Do not worry. Once you confirm to proceed with us, we can personally choose the plant varieties based on your location and preferences. Note – Our horticulturist will be assisting you while choosing the plants.

5. What are the benefits of having a Terrace Garden?

Terrace gardens help you to harvest your own home grown vegetable and fruits. It also help reduce temperature, helps in clean circulation of air and keep the atmosphere cooler.

6. Is Weather of Vadodara conducive for Terrace Gardens?

The Plants we suggest are the ones which survive in a tropical country like India. Terrace Gardens help you get closer to natural plants thereby helping in reducing the temperatures nearby.


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