Top 10 Gardens of the world

Gardening is indeed a precious job, however you don’t have to feel sad if your home design or balcony design doesn’t compliment your own garden or if you lack green walls. Hence, if your balcony gardening or balcony terrace gardening ideas at home didn’t work out, you can at least get excited by the thought of travelling to the world’s most beautiful gardens. The grandest gardens around the globe might provide ideas for your home garden on an astounding scale or become potential spots for your next vacations. Since time immemorial, a landscape garden has been a sight of contemplation and creativity that has allowed humans to immerse themselves completely in nature.

There has been a transition from classical French gardens to botanical gardens and public gardens. These varying garden areas are made out of careful landscape design and are very much different from your backyard garden.  Some of us love taking a stroll amongst beautiful surroundings or some of us are selfie-freaks and don’t leave a place without taking at least hundreds of pictures, for such people and more, these gardens have a lot to offer. The visitors can experience both exotic and local plant life whether it is from lawns of Versailles’ royal gardens or from Brooklyn Botanic garden. To save you from all the trouble of gathering information about which garden is worth visiting or not, here is a comprehensive list of 10 most-famous gardens existing all around the world:

  • The Garden of Cosmic Speculation– this is a 30 acre sculpture garden and the most unique entry on the list. It is created by landscape architect Charles Jencks at his home in Scotland. It’s considered to be different because it chucks the traditional methods and takes inspiration from mathematics and science. Like Jencks’ other works, this garden is also inspired particularly by modern cosmology. It revolves around themes like black holes, fractals and does not contain plants in abundance. This private garden opens once a year for one day for the public to visit. 
  • Keukenhof– you can’t think of spring without thinking of tulips, similarly you can’t think about Garden of Europe without thinking about Netherlands. Keukenhof in Lisse, Netherlands is one of the largest flower gardens in the world. It opens from March to late May during which around 1 million visitors gather to witness the incredible display of flowers. This garden spreads across 79 acres, boasts 7 million bulbs and 800 varieties of tulips. Apart from these flowers, you’ll also have the pleasure of seeing daffodils, crocuses and hyacinths.
  • The Alnwick Garden– if you’re tired of visiting “sugar, spice and everything nice” then this garden is for you. One of the gardens in the complex gives Alnwick its unique fame- the Poison Garden which consists of all the poisonous and toxic plants. This garden was first established in mid- eighteenth century and revived at the turn of 21-st century. It got its name from adjacent Alnwick Castle in Northumberland, England. Alnwick Garden now features various themed paintings revolving around water cascade.
  • Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical Garden– if you have a hard time convincing your kids to visit a garden with you then remember that they’ll never say no to this garden after knowing what it offers. Nong Nooch Garden is situated in Thailand not only as a tourist attraction but more as a theme-park and a research centre. It spreads over to 600 acres with multiple themed- gardens, cultural shows paddleboats, a zoo, and even elephant rides. Moreover, the garden consists of over 600 native plant species and an orchid display.
  • Singapore Botanic Gardens– this is the only botanical garden that opens all year round which can help you plan a vacation whenever you feel comfortable. One of the top tourist attractions in Asia, it’s the only tropical garden that has been honoured as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Apart from this, Singapore Botanic Garden has won numerous accolades and has a small rainforest within it. It receives 4.5 million visitors annually and consists of 10000 species of flora.
  • Ryoan-ji – this Zen Buddhist temple is a garden in Kyoto, Japan and is considered to be the epitome of Japanese dry landscape rock garden. It is characterised by large rock formations amidst smaller hand- selected pebbles that the monks rake daily. The stones are strategically placed so they can’t be viewed at one time while sitting on the temple’s veranda. However, it’s believed that if anyone can see all the stones at one time from a single seated position then they have obtained enlightenment.
  • Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne– Australia might not be the first place that comes to your mind when you think of world’s most beautiful gardens. Contrary to this thought, Australia is a host to an internationally renowned garden- The Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne. It was founded in 1846 and extends over 94 acres. The garden features over 10000 species of native and exotic plants that are displayed in 30 living plant collections.
  • The Huntington Desert Garden– this garden is a stunning example of life in a place which is regarded as barren and lifeless. The Huntington Desert Garden is located in San Marino, California and contains one of the world’s largest collections of desert plants like cacti, aloes, puyas, cereus and much more. It spreads over 10 acres and has 5000 species which were earlier regarded as unknown and unappreciated.
  • The International Rose Test Garden– are you even a real fan of roses until you’ve visited the City of Roses a.k.a Oregon. If not, now you’ve got a reason to do so- the International Rose Test Garden. New rose cultivars from all around the world are sent to this garden for testing of various attributes like colour and disease resistance. The garden receives around 700,000 visitors annually and contains 10000 rose bushes of approx 650 varieties. It’s also the oldest continuously operating public rose test garden in USA.
  • The Butchart Gardens– the Butchart family centuries ago transformed an exhausted limestone quarry on Canada’s Vancouver Island into one of the world’s most beautiful gardens. This garden spreads over 55 acres and contains 26 greenhouses. The Sunken Garden, site of the original quarry is the most beloved area of the landscape. It receives nearly one million visitors all year round.

This list comprises some of the finest gardens of the world that can inspire some super gardening ideas but the list still should be regarded as a sample only. However, the one thing that you should surely remember for your next landscape endeavour is to take a pause from your hectic life and smell the flowers.

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