Vertical gardens in hyderabad

A Metro city often upset us with its heavy traffic and space limitations. Increasing pollution levels have risked the air we breathe. Most of now live in apartments where the space is very optimized. The Vertical Gardens, add dual-benefits, they welcome greenery while saving floor space. Yes! our Vertical Garden services in Hyderabad, is a perfect option for a quick hassle free Greening Solutions. Add life to your boring walls by our Vertical Gardens services. We are highly rated Vertical Gardens suppliers in Hyderabad and have more than 1000 happy clients across India. Vertical Gardens are ideal for working professionals so that they can spend a good time amongst plants.

Vertical garden balcony


  • Saves Floor space
  • Beautify an empty wall
  • Adds a lot of Greenery to the area
  • Best options to have more number of plants
  • Due to the large quantity of plants, they help in purifying the surrounding air


Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Excellent Service”

It’s just by chance that I saw Treemendous,s display at Forum Mall –  found it so unique that! ! From the moment I called them up, Team is Extremely cooperative & inter-active


Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Highly Recommendable”

Treemendous has been one of the best company that I have come across having amazing professional and well qualified people. Highly recommendable for their talent, hard affords and the approach .


Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Quick process and Amazing service”

Amazing Service. Installation fast. Professional service. Very very helpful from the time they came and until full installation.




With our step by step process , understand how you can also get an easy, hassle free, low cost customised greenery solution for your home.


1. How frequently do I need to water the plants?

Based on the sun intensity, it can be either everyday, alternative days or twice in a week. Highly recommended especially in case of drip irrigation is to feel the soil moisture before watering and ensure that the extra water drains down from the pot holes.

2. How to maintain the plants post installation of the Vertical Gardens?

Our Execution team will explain you on the maintenance of each plant.

3. How frequently should I manure and carry out pest-control? And will it be provided by Treemendous?

Manuring can be done generally within 30 days  based on the plant varieties and pesticides/insecticide is generally recommend every month onces or twice. As a precaution and to keep your plants look every green, start spraying neem product mixed with water that will keep insects away from plant.

Secondly, Tremendous won’t be supplying the products but can guide you with the list of suitable products.

4. Can we get guidance on plant varieties?

Do not worry. Once you confirm to proceed with us, we can personally choose the plant varieties based on your location and preferences. Note – Our horticulturist will be assisting you while choosing the plants.

5. What are the benefits of having a Vertical Garden?

Vertical Garden adds life to your walls. It saves floor space. The Plants induces freshness, increases Oxygen level thereby filtering the pollutants in the air.


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