Landscape designers in bangalore is a full service Design and Execution Landscape company. We have grown our business with a dedicated team of passionate and capable landscape professionals who are knowledgeable in Design principles, latest Landscaping trends, best practices and proper Plant care knowledge. Our Team takes great pride in the quality of our landscaping work as well as providing our clients with a Landscape Experience to cherish. The end result is a Quality product with enduring value and a project you will be proud to share and show off.

From creation to completion we work to develop relationships with clients, providing consultation, customized designs and disciplined implementation of the landscape project. We can provide 3D Models and Renderings for our Landscape projects in Bangalore. We do a lot of Villa Landscaping projects in addition to larger projects.

We started out of Bangalore and gained a lot of appreciation for our work. Now we have expanded our Landscaping services to Hyderabad.

Our Landscaping Services in Bangalore start from Rs.50,000/-. We provide Gazebo, Pergolas, Fountains etc. for our clients. We suggest Plant varieties best suited to the lighting of the space.

Landscape garden


  • Landscape Garden adds value to any building.
  • Best recreational space
  • Backyard Garden, Best place to let your kids play and learn.
  • Can grow flowering as well as seasonal plants


Rating: 5 out of 5.

Love the Flexibility

We are extremely happy with the  services & products . One must visit  their nursery which is  phenomenal. We strongly  recommend Treemendous for any  landscaping – indoor or outdoor.

James Ravi

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Excellent Service”

Their service and ideas are brilliant! They have changed my place into a beautiful garden!! Great work in less time.

Vijay K

Rating: 4 out of 5.

“Fantastic Quality”

Fantastic experience with treemendous on end to end implementation , they were on time and very fast with great quality

Priyanka Sharma


With our step by step process , understand how you can also get an easy, hassle free, low cost customised greenery solution for your home.


1. How frequently do I need to water the Landscape area?

Landscape areas are open spaces with full sun, we recommend everyday watering. However, a few conditions may change based on the exact location and plant varieties that will be guided accordingly at the time of execution.

2. How frequently should I fertilize the plants and carry out pest-control? Will it be provided by Treemendous?

Manuring can be done between 15-45 days  based on the plant varieties and pesticides/insecticide is generally recommend every month onces or twice. As a precaution and to keep your plants look every green start spraying neem product mixed with water that will keep insects away from plant.

Secondly, Tremendous won’t be supplying the products but can guide you with the list of suitable products.

3. Will a Gardener visit the site post implementation?

Our landscaping architects will elaborately explain each and every process to your landscape. However, you may choose to call us and fix a maintenance service (charges apply) wherein the Gardener will visit and do trimming, manuring, pest control spray.

4. How often do we need to change the Lawn?

Lawn once settled doesn’t need a change. Taking a good care of it is important as in regular mowing and manuring needs to be done.

5. What are the benefits of having a Front yard Garden?

Front yard Garden adds beauty to a building. Its a place wherein you can allow your kids to play freely.


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